Rembrandted Kids

Children / Photography

Several years ago I got the idea of capturing transformations of my growing children a little more creatively. I started to take pictures of my kids in the style of famous paintings.

The first photograph was actually a coincidence. I took a picture of my newborn daughter in her new dress and I immediately realised she looked like a girl from Eduard Manet’s painting. That was the starting point of a whole series of pictures and after five years the series became quite big. Until this day I created more than 280 famous paintings impersonations – I call them Rembrandted Kids. I picked my favourite ones here for you.

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Johannes Vermeer - Girl with a pearl earring
Kees van Dongen - The corn poppy
Roy Lichtenstein - Ball of twine
Leonardo da Vinci - Mona Lisa
Banksy - Nola girl with umbrella
El Greco - Lady in a fur wrap
L.S.Lowry - Gentleman looking at something
Amedeo Modigliani - seated man with a cane